We will find loyal part-time and long-term employees.

Does your business fluctuate seasonally or you need to solve an employee prblem? We are glad to do it – we organise the hiring process, build contracts, solve hiring and firing as well as accounting for salaries. For you, it’s enough to give people work and keep track of attendance. Thanks to our ISO certification in management quality, you have certainty of quality and flexible cooperation. For example, that means good ideas and client offers for improvement can be realised in hours. We can also handle individual requirements. Contact us, we are happy to help find quality workers for your project.

Plenty of advantages for employees as well.

Our coordinator takes care of new employees from the interview to the start of work in the company. Just imagine the comfort! We will give all necessary information to the worker up the first day in work. We help you with every uncertainty, we help with the salary list and so on, whatever you need. Thanks to the services of JOB LEADER you are not alone on the first day at work and you can slide in better to your new environment. And if you would like to find a new job? We support you in your search, even if you can’t face the stress.

And that’s not all. You can have a reward directly from us for starting work, you have the possibility of a weekly deposit and use of free transport (where available).

Everything for smooth cooperation.

Are you our supplier or maybe a media representative? Below, you can find all necessary material, or contact us at recepce@jobleader.cz.

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